about the gifted tag

Who said mothers and daughters can’t work well together? All you need is compatibility…and a sense of humor! As you may have guessed, we are a mother and daughter team, and owners of the gifted tag.

The gifted tag opened its virtual doors in 2016. After seeing about 20 unmarked wine bottles sitting on the kitchen counter at a party, we had an idea for an easy and clever way to gift wine with your name attached. We thought, why can’t a crisp and modern gift tag be placed right on a wine bottle?

Once we had our first prototype, we realized that these tags would be perfect for most occasions—therefore, we designed a total of 41 gift tags. And, as long as we were at it, we created a line of 30 greeting cards! We distinguish ourselves from others by making the tags and cards with boutique paper, die cuts, original graphics, and thick cord or string in an array of colors.

The gift tags and greeting cards were originally printed and die cut offsite. In light of many requests for personalized paper items, we started printing in-house, which brought us more flexibility.  We’ve designed a line of note cards, spiral notebooks, and framed personalized graphic art which we have sold locally and plan to add to our online collection.

All of our products are designed, printed, and assembled in the USA. We hope you will love using and gifting them as much as we love making them!